Jump for Joy Party Play Center Rules

Our parties include drinks and paper products for the children. The birthday child will receive a single jump pass, a t-shirt and their handprint on our wall. You can add extra birthday children for $25 each. You bring cake and candles and we have everything else you need. We accept cash and credit cards only. If our credit card machine is not working, you must be prepared to pay with cash in full at the end of your party. Deposits are non-refundable. Party date/time changes are not allowed.

Absolutely no outside food or drink allowed other than cupcakes, cakes, cookies, or pizza for birthday parties.  We provide the drinks for the children and you can purchase drinks for adults. We will ask you to return any outside food or drinks to your vehicle if you or any guest brings them in. This includes all beverages.

All jumpers must wear socks and have signed waivers every visit. Socks are $2 if jumpers need to purchase them.

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early for your party. We have other parties going on and you cannot enter before your party time. No one can re-enter jump area after going to the party room.

We charge for extra children above your party #. This charge is $10 per child.  We charge for overtime in party room as well. This charge is $20 every 10 minutes over.

We do not allow any battery operated cars, bikes, scooters, hoverboards, skateboards etc. to be ridden in our building. All balloons must be weighted down and we do not allow piñatas or helium tanks. Please do not allow guests to open party favors if there is anything messy inside. For example: bubbles, silly string, confetti, etc. If you bring any of these things in you are responsible for making sure they are not used by any of your guests. We do not allow animals unless they are service animals. No tape, nails or tacks can be put in or on our walls!!!!

It is the party hosts’ responsibility to make sure all their guests are following all rules.


We do all set up and clean up for you. You are not allowed in the party room before your scheduled time period for cake and presents. You cannot enter the party room early to decorate. You may purchase extra party room time for $40 every 30 minutes.

ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD FIGHTS. We reserve the right to charge you unexpected clean-up fees for food fights. Again it is the party host’s responsibility to make sure all guests are following all rules.

Small children must be supervised at all times. This includes in the restrooms.

Clean out your pockets, take off your belts, no rhinestones on pockets (these things damage our inflatables). Comfortable soft clothing is recommended for play. Jeans with metal or sharp objects on pockets are not allowed.

There are no exceptions to these rules. All guests must follow all rules. NON-COMPLIANCE WITH RULES WILL RESULT IN ADDITIONAL CHARGES. We appreciate you understanding and following our rules.

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